David Foster Wallace

... hanged himself on Friday, September 12, 2008... my heart is very heavy... we have lost a great man...

Let me read something for you.

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Art, work, meaning, and virtue

The most important human activity is the creation of meaning because: (1) everyone does it, (2) everyone's actions are best explained in terms of the meaning the actions had for the actor, (3) meaning is constructed, shared, traded, altered, and destroyed between and among people as well as in isolation, and (4) the history and future of humanity is fundamentally the chaotic aggregate function of all meanings, for all people, always.

Art work is one way of creating meaning. Artworks allow receivers (audience members, gallery patrons, etc.) windows into someone else's meaning sets, achieving (3) above more easily than other types of communication. In this way art keeps artists and receivers, as creators and sharers of meaning all, growing constantly, avoiding contemptible and corrupt unquestioning stagnancy.

Thus, art fortifies virtue.

Something I've been thinking about lately... 5 May 2008

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