Zachary Crockett

Composer / Ritual Architect

Great Struggles

We all have great struggles. As humans we have this in common. Maybe yours are artistic, or moral, or political. What questions confront you again and again in all areas of your life? Please, tell me about your great struggles.

Must be a number.

How do you identify yourself? As your vocation? Your gender? Race? If you have to put yourself into categories, which ones do you choose?

This is the only field that is required.

I am genuinely curious and inspired simply to learn more about your struggles, about the struggles of my fellows in humanity, so like me and also so different, but I would like your permission to share the information you submit here. If you check this box, I may do so either by simply reproducing it on my blog or website, or by using it, possibly edited, in a piece of music or other art.

You can always ask me later to remove your words, post them anonymously or associated with your information, or in general to make any reasonable change. In some cases, after a piece of music is finished, I will not change it. However, if you include your email address above, I will attempt to reach you to ask your permission for that kind of more permanent use.