Here's a quick little AJAX application that I coded up for my own personal use. I have a bunch of long-term projects, and I can't spend time working on every single one every single day. I need, however, to make sure that I keep chipping away at all of them.

A perfectly simple life-management solution would be to have a list of my tasks with this feature: any time I click on one (after having worked on it) it would drop to last place. That way, I always see at the top (sigh) the one task I have avoided the longest.

Try it out yourself with the list below. If you like it, you can download the bumplist source package. I provide this free of charge and without support or any warranty of any kind. Included is ajax.js by Kris Brixon.

Be aware that if you want to run this on your home computer like I do, it needs to be set up as a PHP server. You can find instructions for that in the PHP Manual. For Mac users in particular, this is extremely easy. If you get a "not writable" error, you need to change permissions on the tasks.txt file.

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