Current Coding Projects

I have a couple freelance gigs in progress, both Ruby on Rails. One's a large e-commerce site based on substruct. The other is a wrapper plugin for a SOAP API.

Web Applications

I created the registration, submission, and adjudication system for the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts

Oliver Grudem and I co-overhauled the Minnesota Film and TV Board's Production Guide. This involved a FileMaker to MySQL migration and a new AJAX-filled interface.

I recently threw together a gloss maker for instructional use. I recently concluded my time as an Instructional Technology Fellow at the Language Center, and that community has been relying on some similar tools that are showing their age.

Also while working at the LC, I overhauled the system of online exercises used by students in Chinese classes. What was a jumbled set of individual HTML files is now a single-page, database-backed, super snappy javascript application.

Desktop Applications

Learned Cocoa and Objective-C by creating an app for a child psychology researcher. It allows the researcher to create and configure lists of movies that are then view by a subject who follows instructions communicated in the video. Response-time statistics are tracked and output for import into analysis software.

Research: Created a Java framework for genetic parameter evolution. Especially useful as means of parametric dimensionality reduction for live control of sound engines. Supported by the University of Minnesota's Graduate Research Partnership Program.

Research: Stepped into the world of Music Information Retrieval by coding an analysis framework for audio files. Integrated MFCC and spectral centroid calculation into Boosting and Neural Network learning engine. Co-created with James Schwarzmeier for Arindam Banerjee's Machine Learning class.

Other, both, whatever

I recently put together a little AJAX app for my own use called bumplist. It's simple, but it can change your life. <wink/>

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